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Muchey is a travel app that focuses on the prices real travellers paid for activities, sights, and transportation. Starting within Southeast Asia, you can share how much you spent and discover how much others paid including when, where and how much they haggled. Making it easier to travel by cutting out the time spent comparing prices.

1. Find the prices others paid for activities and transport, whether they haggled and where they bought it.

2. Share the prices you paid for activities and transport.

3. Discover the value for money, so you know whether it's worth it.


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What is Muchey?

Muchey is a new way to discover the true prices paid for activities, sights and transportation around the world.

Why Muchey? Where did the idea come from?

We thought of Muchey when we were travelling in Phuket spending endless hours trying to haggle the best price for different excursions.

How does Muchey work?

Travellers can share the prices paid, their value for money rating, and whether or not they haggled to help save fellow travellers the hassle of haggling and comparing prices.

What countries is Muchey available in?

Muchey will be available to download worldwide, however, the prices of the activities and tours currently are within SouthEast Asia only.

How do I upload my own activities?

Simply click the plus button and follow the simple steps in the form.

Where is Muchey available?

Muchey is in beta at that moment that means we're only allowing a limited number to try it out and provide feedback. However, it will be available soon as a completely free download available through the Google Play Store and the App store.